Summer Outlook 2024 Webinar

Med-TSO hosted a public webinar on Tuesday, 20 May 2024, to present the Summer Outlook 2024. The webinar provided insights into the Mediterranean region’s seasonal probabilistic power system adequacy assessments.

Opened by Sabah Mashaly, President of Med-TSO, the webinar aimed to offer comprehensive support to TSOs and relevant stakeholders in making balanced and consistent decisions regarding the adequacy of their power systems.

Simone Biondi, Med-TSO’s Teasimed 2 Project Manager, moderated the event and gave an overview of Med-TSO’s Adequacy Assessment studies developed in the framework of Teasimed 2 and their methodology.

Then, Ahmed Elshami, Med-TSO Power System & Adequacy Studies Advisor, presented the results of the Summer Outlook 2024, shedding light on critical questions such as the capacity needed to cover power demand under ordinary and severe climate conditions and the role of interconnections in mitigating shortage situations.

The Outlook provides a detailed analysis of the adequacy situation from May 27, 2024, to October 6, 2024, across six MED-TSO countries: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.

The publication of the Summer Outlook 2024 report underscores Med-TSO’s commitment towards the creation of the Mediterranean energy market.

Check out the report and its key findings here.