In this session, all the Conferences, Workshops and Webinars, and the relevant material produced (audio, video, presentations, etc.) are gathered and showed: Med-TSO strongly believes into the exchange and sharing of knowledge, know-how, procedures and methods, as a way to reach its mission.

To this aim, a dedicated Technical Committee “Knowledge Sharing” was created to establish a forum of knowledge sharing among the relevant professionals working in the fields related to the scope of Med-TSO. Therefore, the objective of this Technical Committee is to help Med-TSO members and other relevant organizations by organizing specific and oriented knowledge (training) activities in the fields covered by the project.

The functions covered by this Technical Committee will therefore promote, in the long term, a formalized forum allowing for:

  • A better understanding and deeper knowledge of people involved in the project or wider affected by project results, even searching for enrichment of results thanks to their contribution;
  • A vehicle for sharing experience between professionals, facilitating the exchange of lessons learnt;
  • A networking opportunity between experts leading to a smooth and guaranteed exchange.

Teasimed Closing Conference - Brussels 15 march 2023

Webinars & Workshops organized during the Teasimed project (2020 - 2022)

Mediterranean Project 2 Closing Conference – Web Conference, 28 October 2020

Webinars & Workshops organized during the Mediterranean Project 2 (2018 - 2020)

Workshops organized during the Mediterranean Project 1 (2015 - 2018)