Our mission is to foster the development of an integrated, secure and sustainable regional electricity transmission grid, by supporting all the institutional initiatives aiming at facilitating the creation of a Mediterranean energy market

Med-TSO is the only Association representing Transmission System Operators in the Mediterranean region. Its role is to get actively involved in the dialogue for planning and operating, adopting common technical rules for the power systems in the Mediterranean area.

Over the past ten years, thanks to the Mediterranean Projects 1 & 2 and TEASIMED, the association has shown exceptional capabilities in fostering dialogue and promoting activities.

The Med-TSO adventure began with the aim of setting up a framework for multilateral cooperation in the Mediterannean electricity sector. This would be dedicated to identifying and analysing potential new infrastructure projects and increasing the electricity exchanges around the Mediterranean Basin for the benefit of all citizens and for the effective implementation of sustainable and efficient energy policies.

After gaining credibility as a qualified and reliable stakeholder in the Mediterranean region, it was time to consolidate and strengthen the Association’s flagship position, calling for a new commitment and new activities to be developed. Throughout the years, the Association has created an effective working method among the many TSOs that has enabled it to become a bridge between the Mediterranean TSOs and other associations in the region, combining knowledge, work and visibility.

The ongoing TEASIMED project aims to consolidate the Association’s achievements, and to preserve the cooperative attitude built so far among the Members.


We intend to be a professional and strategic reference body for every technical, market and policy issue related to the Mediterranean electricity system: a competent and proactive guide for European and Mediterranean institutions and stakeholders

In the near future, our goal is to consolidate Med-TSO as a platform for multilateral cooperation – a true instrument for the integration and development of Mediterranean Electricity Transmission Systems, mainly in terms of interconnections development and renewable energy sources integration.

The association aims to play a growing “key role” in the regional context, continuing to provide proactive support to its Members for the design and development of new interconnections, and facilitating the creation of a harmonised regulatory framework by representing the TSO’s needs and requirements, and improving relations with other organisations.