The new Med-TSO President elected at the General Assembly meeting on July 1st

The new Med-TSO President elected at the General Assembly meeting on July 1st

On July 1, 2020, the General Assembly of Med-TSO convened with the main focus of electing the new President of the organization. The meeting was held in videoconference, after some postponement due to the COVID-19, which caused President Harrabi to continue to act as President beyond the expiration of his three-year term.

Unanimously, the General Assembly elected Mr. Chaher Boulakhras, current Chairman and CEO of Sonelgaz (Algeria), to the position of President of Med-TSO for a term of three years.

With more than 20 years of experience in Sonelgaz, Mr. Boulakhras is well versed in the work of Med-TSO and has a multidisciplinary and transversal vision for the sector. His competence will guide his work of presiding over Med-TSO activities, while facing new challenges and improving service quality.

On his candidacy for the position, Mr. Boulakhras stated, “Med-TSO must work to become a professional and strategic organization for all issues dealing with the Mediterranean electrical system, a competent proactive guide to which all the European institutions and Mediterranean actors for networks could refer. The long-term vision of this association, as I see it, is to promote the integration of the Mediterranean electric and energy system in an effective or efficient way.”

The results of the vote took immediate effect, with Mr. Boulakhras promptly assuming his new role as President to drive the association towards its future goals. The remainder of the meeting included the report from the Executive Board and the approval of the Financial Statements 2019.

With its new President in office, Med-TSO will continue forward with the actions of this year, working towards its main goal of fostering the development of an integrated, secure and sustainable regional electricity transmission grid.