Med-TSO releases a report on the key performance indicators of the regional electricity system

Med-TSO releases a report on the key performance indicators of the regional electricity system

Following the program of the Mediterranean Project 2, Med-TSO has released a report on the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the regional electricity system. This work has been carried out by Technical Committee “International Electricity Exchanges”, chaired by Mr. Aziz Ameyoud (OS-Algeria), who explained the activities of the committee in this video interview. KPIs are usually defined to “measure” how efficient and secure the operation of a power system is, while giving useful information on the provided quality of electrical supply. Based on KPIs, System Operators and interested stakeholders are able to assess power system performances, and improve, if necessary, the reliability of their grids. The report shows the Key Performance Indicators currently adopted at a national level in Med-TSO countries and how they are applied to assess the technical and economic performance of the power system. The aim of this activity is to progress by sharing data and information between Med-TSO members on the harmonization process across the Mediterranean region. The identified KPIs are organized into two sections: Transmission System Performance Indicators and Transmission System Availability Indicators.

  • The first subset, Transmission System Performance Indicators, includes a selection of parameters that TSOs normally use for measuring their performances, related to transmission lines or transformers availability, service continuity and voltage profile.
  • The second class of KPIs, Transmission System Availability Indicators, is used to measure the availability of a transmission system by the number of outages and their durations on the High Voltage transmission grid. Availability Indicators are measured in terms of planned or forced outages and according to their duration (transient, short or long outages).

Through the definition of these KPIs, Med-TSO Members are sharing common criteria for measuring performances and availability of their power systems across the Mediterranean region. Another important piece in the process of building common practices and views for the effective interoperability of the Mediterranean Power System will be achieved with the next release, again in the framework of the Mediterranean Project 2, of a common Web-Platform where Med-TSO members can gather data on cross-border interconnections and share information on the behavior of their power systems. This platform is designed to:

  • collect data related to system performances, also in terms of frequency control;
  • Report on operational procedures adopted in emergency conditions for preventing or limiting the effects of critical security issues.

Furthermore, the implementation of the Web Platform will allow to define and oversee the implementation of regional Key Performance Indicators. Power System Operation is a complex activity, where TSOs are fully engaged and perform their responsibility. Therefore, coordination in this area is critical and implies the need to exchange data significant for the security of cross-border operation on a regular basis. To this aim, Med-TSO is working to build the necessary mutual trust and common views and achieve, hopefully in the near future, the full interoperability of the Mediterranean Power System.