Closing remarks from President Harrabi after a successful term leading Med-TSO

Mr Moncef Harrabi during the Video-conference

At the General Assembly meeting on July 1, Mr Moncef Harrabi welcomed members with a speech concluding his three-year term as President of Med-TSO.

After expressing his gratitude to the Association and the 21 TSOs members, he remarked on the balance achieved over the course of his term, highlighting how the Association has reinforced its position in the Mediterranean thanks to the efforts of the Members and the increase in activities. In particular, he mentioned the undertaking of the two Mediterranean Projects, both of which implement procedures for coordinated planning within a frame of harmonised Technical Rules, and the laying of the foundations for the future integration of the Mediterranean region.

He also underlined that, despite the unprecedented circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association has advanced in line with the scheduled work programme. Throughout this turbulent time, Members have demonstrated their abilities to support each other, while promoting their common objectives. He also confirmed, on behalf of Mr. Ammar, new President and Director General, the strong support of STEG, Tunisia, for Med-TSO and its activities.

Finally, Mr. Harrabi thanked the Secretary General and all the staff of the Secretariat for the continuous help in coordination and support, wishing to the new President of Med-TSO, Mr. Chaher Boulakhras from Sonelgaz (Algeria), all the best in assuming his challenging task, and in efficiently fulfilling Med-TSO’s main goal to harmonise and integrate the power system across the region.