Med-TSO releases its Summer Outlook 2022

First ever system adequacy results realised among non-EU Med-TSO members

Med-TSO has issued the Summer Outlook 2022 gathering for the first time ever the adequacy results among non-EU Med-TSO members, related to this 2022 summer.

System Adequacy represents a fundamental tool for assessing the security of supply in the medium and long term, ensuring that electricity consumers could obtain the desired amount of electricity at any time, in sufficient quantity and without interruptions, in the required quality and at reasonable prices, while complying with transmission grid operational security limits.

Adequacy monitoring are becoming more and more important with all the changes in the electricity sector in countries around the Mediterranean Sea, such as the energy markets development, the integration of renewable energy sources and the efforts to decarbonize energy systems.

This Summer Outlook 2022 Report provides information about potential adequacy issues during summer 2022 in five MED-TSO members: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan. The analysed period includes all hours between the beginning of week 22 and the end of week 39 which is the period between Saturday, May 28th and Friday, September 30th.

With this assessment, Med-TSO is aligning with the world-wide best practices and the latest development of the EU Regulation on the internal market for electricity, taking another step towards the development of an integrated, secure and sustainable Mediterranean energy market.

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