First Med-TSO Adequacy Summer School

Yesterday, our four-days Adequacy Summer School concluded with the awarding of the 34 participants coming from all over the Mediterranean TSOs.

This training was organized with the support of EKC in the framework of TEASIMED project and it aimed at showing the participants how to make power market models from scratch, by using basic and advanced Antares features. Antares software package has been made available by RTE in open-source mode and it is based on a model that supports the implementation of probabilistic chronological simulations of system optimization.

In the frame of TEASIMED, Med-TSO is carrying out for the first time adequacy analysis among Mediterranean members’ countries and these simulations will offer the possibility of defining different combinations of production, from renewable sources and hydroelectric power plants, variations in consumption due to different climatic conditions, as well as the level of unavailability of thermal units due to unplanned or planned outages.

In this way, the training made familiar to these analyses most of the participants, which have welcomed the initiative with strong interest and participation.