Teasimed (in progress, 2020 – 2022)

Based on the results of Mediterranean Project 1 & Mediterranean Project 2, the European Commission has granted to Med-TSO the support for a new project to be carried out in the period 2020-2022.
The new project TEASIMED – Towards an Efficient, Adequate, Sustainable and Interconnected MEDiterranean power system, started on 1 September 2020, with a duration of 28 months.
It is based on the key tool for success followed by the Association in the previous projects: the multilateral cooperation linked to the full bottom-up approach, to achieve significant improvements towards a single electricity market between the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The project will follow five working streams:
1. Update the Mediterranean Masterplan, the HV Transmission Network Development plan, in close connection with ENTSO-E Ten Years National Development Plan
2. Consolidate the Common Target Regulatory Framework to let it become a real Mediterranean Grid Code
3. Identify and put into operation pilot projects on selected Interconnected Electricity Exchange Zones (IEEZ)
4. Optimizing the calculation of interconnection capacities and applying joint operational procedures
5. Knowledge Sharing programme, also through the development of a digital web platform

The main challenge that Med-TSO will face in performing the new TEASIMED Project is to move from the definition of guidelines, rules and methodologies, as it was in MP1 and MP2, to the development of pilot projects and operational cooperation in the region, in terms of:
• Starting the implementation of the harmonization of Technical Rules;
• Starting the coordination of the definition of the national Network Development Plans and the Operation of the interconnected power systems;
• Supporting the involved members in implementing some of the key Interconnection Projects assessed in the first and second Masterplans of the Interconnections
The first IEEZ selected for a pilot project is the Maghreb zone.

TEASIMED Project objectives will be pursued also taking into account climate and decarbonisation targets defined by the Members, with a view to the EU Green Deal and its implications with third-countries defined in the EU neighbourhood policies, especially in terms of integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the grids and climate change mitigation in the Mediterranean Region.

TEASIMED action plan will give huge importance to Knowledge sharing activities, in order to achieve:
• The development of a digital web-platform to help building Knowledge Sharing and Capacity programmes;
• The launch of common training sessions and workshops with the regional stakeholders.