Med-TSO’s First Hybrid General Assembly and Welcoming of Electricité du Liban as New Member

On 17 May 2022, Med-TSO held its first hybrid General Assembly in Rome and via online conference. The meeting was chaired by President Mourad Adjal (PDG of Sonelgaz, Algeria), who met with the participants to discuss the agenda’s different items and review the progress of the Association’s work so far.

Mr Adjal welcomed the participants and highlighted the mutual benefits of cooperating and working together: “I remain deeply convinced that the combination of our efforts can only be beneficial to make our strategies more coherent in order to build an efficient and compliant Mediterranean energy system that meets the imperatives of sustainable development.

The highlight of the General Assembly meeting was the approval of the request for new membership from Electricité du Liban (EDL), as the 22nd member of Med-TSO, undersigned by its Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Kamal Hayek. 

Mr. Ramzi Dobeissy (EDL, Lebanon) spoke for the Lebanese TSO and shared the collaborative spirit of Med-TSO “With our membership to Med-TSO, Lebanon will provide best practices and good results for the community and all the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. I thank you again for having us among you. And we are ready for further cooperation between our members.” 

The hybrid conference concluded with a briefing on the past and ongoing activities and its members. The meeting was also the occasion to review the ongoing project Teasimed and report on its progress.

Finally, all participants restated their commitment and support to the project and worked together to foster the development of an integrated, secure and sustainable regional electricity transmission grid by promoting all the institutional initiatives aiming to facilitate the creation of a Mediterranean energy market.