Med-TSO Executive Board Meeting in Rome

The recent gathering of the Med-TSO Executive Board in Rome on February 27th marked a pivotal moment for the Association. Opening the meeting, President Sabah Mashaly welcomed board members and colleagues, emphasizing the significance of the discussions ahead.

Echoing the outcomes of the recent strategic workshop in Cairo, she emphasized critical points identified for inclusion in Med-TSO’s Action Plan 2025-30. Building upon proposals generated during the workshop, the Executive Board now sets its sights on presenting a mature draft of the new Action Plan at the upcoming General Assembly meeting in May.

On the technical front, the board received updates on the progress of the TEASIMED 2 project, with a particular focus on the development of the new Mediterranean Power Interconnections Perspectives. Set to culminate in 2025, this deliverable will offer insights into expected regional scenarios by 2040 based on the work of members’ experts in the Technical Committees aiming to develop interconnection projects in the Mediterranean.

The President underscored the essential role of collaboration among members in advancing the association’s technical activities, emphasizing the need for shared skills and visions to effectively model the future Mediterranean Power System.

Additionally, governance matters were addressed, including a review of the association’s structure, as requested during the last General Assembly.

As the Executive Board charts the course for Med-TSO’s future, the collective efforts of our members pave the way for a robust and sustainable energy landscape in the Mediterranean region.