Med-TSO at RES4Africa: advancing Mediterranean Energy Integration

On Thursday, February 29, 2024, Med-TSO Secretary General Angelo Ferrante, shared insights at the “Scaling-Up a Sustainable Electrification in Africa, for Africa with Africa” side event of RES4Africa – Towards G7 Energy in the frame of Key Energy Expo in Rimini. His contributions shed light on pivotal interconnection projects like ELMED and the association’s commitment to regional energy cooperation. 


ELMED Project: opportunities to drive European and Mediterranean Integration

Ferrante outlined the significance of the ELMED project for Italy and Europe, emphasizing its role in enhancing system security, sustainability, market integration, and socio-economic impact. Recognized as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) by the EU, ELMED received substantial funding from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), marking a milestone in cross-border infrastructure collaboration. Projects like ELMED represent a real game changer for the implementation of an integrated Mediterranean Power System.


Regional Cooperation and Energy Transition: addressing barriers to integration

Highlighting Med-TSO’s mission to promote Mediterranean energy integration, Ferrante stressed the importance of projects like ELMED in shaping a sustainable energy future. He underscored the association’s efforts in assessing new developments, such as the TEASIMED 2 project, aimed at advancing power infrastructure across the Mediterranean region. Mr Ferrante also addressed the challenges hindering energy transition in the Mediterranean, including technical, regulatory, institutional, and financial barriers. He emphasized the need for efficient financing mechanisms and regulatory frameworks to spur investments in grid infrastructure and accelerate decarbonization efforts. 


The participation of Med-TSO in events like RES4Africa underscores the Association’s commitment to advancing energy integration and sustainability in the Mediterranean region. With projects like ELMED paving the way for cross-border collaboration, the association remains dedicated to driving positive change, bridging the gap between policy objectives and concrete actions and fostering a resilient and interconnected Mediterranean energy landscape for future generations.