Insights and takeaways from Med-TSO’s Technical Summit in Madrid

Over the past few days, Med-TSO has been actively engaged in a series of technical activities aimed at enhancing cooperation towards energy integration across the Mediterranean region. Kindly hosted by the Spanish TSO Red Electrica, these initiatives reflect Med-TSO’s ongoing commitment to fostering a resilient and interconnected energy landscape.

Let’s delve deeper into the key events and their outcomes:


5 March: Meeting of the Technical Committee Regulation & Institutions

The technical sessions, chaired by Juan Manuel Rodriguez Garcia (Red Electrica, Spain), delved into the regulatory frameworks governing interconnections between EU and extra-EU countries, shedding light on critical areas such as system security, sustainability, and market integration. Discussions centred on rules applied to key interconnections like Spain-Morocco, Italy-Montenegro, and Türkiye-Greece-Bulgaria, with the aim of understanding the current regulatory framework’s state of the art and identifying possible lessons. Participants also engaged in efforts to develop Mediterranean Grid Codes, focusing on the development of the Project Initiation Document and interactions with EC-DGENER.

Of particular significance was the exploration of the EU “Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) regulation”, designed to promote cleaner industrial production within the EU by imposing fair prices on carbon-intensive goods, such as electricity, imported by extra-EU countries.

Additionally, discussions surrounding projects like the ‘Interconnected Electricity Exchange Zone East-Med’ of Med-TSO and the Pan–Arab Electricity Market (PAEM) initiative highlighted concerted efforts to reshape and enhance electricity exchange zones, particularly focusing on the East-Mediterranean region.

6 March: Meeting of the Technical Committee Operation

Med-TSO’s operational activities received significant attention, particularly within the TEASIMED 2 project. Federico Quaglia (Terna, Italy) chaired the meeting, where attendees discussed the scope of work and work plan for the coming months, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and resilience in power systems.

They also delved into crucial topics such as capacity calculation, real-time management, and the coordination of power systems across various interconnections.

A key highlight was the presentation of a report on existing Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, and the preparedness of Med-TSO countries for operational data exchange.

The TC Operation session also included an update from the Adequacy study team, providing insights into the upcoming summer outlook and mid-term projections.

7 March: Workshop Energy System Operations and Control in the Spanish model

In close collaboration with the Red Electrica team, Med-TSO organized an insightful workshop to provide a deep dive into power system operations and the secure integration of renewable energy sources, focusing on the Spanish model. This session provided attendees with valuable insights into the pivotal role of control centres in ensuring system security and quality. Participants gained insights into the functions and responsibilities of Red Electrica, exploring topics such as market interaction, system balancing, and the management of international interconnections.

Through presentations and discussions, participants gained a deeper understanding of topics such as scheduling processes and real-time monitoring of renewable energy sources. Additionally, discussions explored international energy exchange mechanisms, emphasizing the importance of cross-border coordination in the context of European regulations.

A visit to the Control Center offered a firsthand glimpse into the national electricity system’s real-time monitoring and coordination.


As the region moves towards a more interconnected and sustainable energy landscape, Med-TSO remains at the forefront, driving progress and fostering collaboration for the benefit of all stakeholders involved. These recent technical activities underscore Med-TSO’s unwavering commitment to advancing energy integration across the Mediterranean region. By addressing regulatory complexities, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering international cooperation, Med-TSO continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of energy in the Mediterranean.