Teasimed (2020 - 2022)

Based on the results of Mediterranean Project 1 & Mediterranean Project 2, the European Commission has granted to Med-TSO the support for a new project to be carried out in the period 2020-2022: TEASIMED – Towards an Efficient, Adequate, Sustainable and Interconnected MEDiterranean power system.

In this page are collected all the reports elaborated from the deliverables of the project, started on 1 September 2020 and concluded on March 2023.

The reports are divided per each of the five working streams composing the project.

1. Update the Mediterranean Masterplan, the HV Transmission Network Development plan, in close connection with ENTSO-E Ten Years Network Development Plan 

2. Consolidate the Common Target Regulatory Framework to let it become a real Mediterranean Grid Code 

3. Identify and put into operation pilot projects on selected Interconnected Electricity Exchange Zones (IEEZ) 

4. Optimizing the calculation of interconnection capacities and applying joint operational procedures 

5. Knowledge Sharing programme