Rules and Standards for Grid Interconnections in Mediterranean countries

Mediterranean Project TC 3 (International Electricity Exchanges) conclusions in Rome

Using the existing interconnection capacity among the Mediterranean grids can facilitate the integration of Renewable Energy Sources. Here are the conclusions for the last TC3 meeting of the Mediterranean Project, which involves Med-TSO, the association of the Mediterranean TSOs, aiming at the progressive harmonization and strengthening of the electricity markets in the Mediterranean region.

We talk with the TC3 Chairman, Mr. Rabah Touileb during the Committee meeting in Rome on 18th May. In this meeting, TC3 presents the second deliverable issued in the frame of the Mediterranean Project, dealing with the integration of RES. “We started the study in April 2016 and finished it in April 2017” explained Mr. Touileb. “The work was carried out in two steps. The first step, concluded in November 2016, was the launch of a survey, prepared by a dedicated task force in collaboration with an external consultant, in order to understand the transmission grid situation in each country. After this, we studied the answers from the different TSOs involved. Subsequently we prepared a report that provides an outlook on the possibilities of sharing ancillary services between cross border balancing areas in the Mediterranean Region, also considering the balance of Renewable Energy sources”.

Mr. Rabah Touileb also assured that: “We confirm that it is already possible to share ancillary services with the current existing capacity. Now we need to set up procedures and rules between the Mediterranean countries also considering the issues related to renewable energy integration, and taking into account that there are different rules and grids on the two shores of the Mediterranean sea”.

Defining rules for integrating renewable energy is not far to become a general strategic issue: “Currently it still depends from country to country: there are some countries, as Morocco and Algeria, that (excluding hydropower) already produce about 300 MW from Renewables”.

About rules’ settlements and contract definitions, the Mediterranean Project has another Technical Committee, “TC2”, already at work on these issues, and we will soon get its results.