Mr. Moncef Harrabi is the new President of Med-TSO. Interconnection and cooperation the focal point of the new President of the Association

Mr. Moncef Harrabi, new President of Med-TSO

After an election by acclamation Mr. Moncef Harrabi has become the new President of Med-TSO, the association of the Mediterranean transmission system operators. It happened during the General Assembly of the Mediterranean TSOs, which took place on 20th April in Tunis.
Mr. Harrabi, Chairman and Director General of Steg (Société Tunisienne de Electricité et du Gaz), started his career in 1987 an then he is grown with success inside the company. He has taken the role of Mr. Ameur Bchir, from the same company, who retired in December.

“It is an honour to become the President of Med-TSO”, Mr Harrabi stated after his election. “We have to work to improve the cooperation between the States of the Association. We need to accelerate the process to design common regulations and rules, as well as integrate the grids between our countries”, underlined the new President. “We need to start to implement some projects to connect the north and the south of the Mediterranean region” concluded Mr. Harrabi.

After the President election, the General Assembly thanked Mr. Victor Baptista who took the role of acting President during the last months.
The 13th General Assembly of the Mediterranean TSO association obtained a lot of attention by the institutional stakeholder; as proved by the
message from the Tunisian Minister of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energies, Ms. Hela Cheikhrouhou. The Minister drew her attention to the climate change and the necessity to find new business model to preserve the Earth for the new generations. She focused her
message on the Med-TSO rule in the Mediterranean area to develop economic, technological and environmental targets. In order to achieve these objectives, the Minister focused on the necessity to define market’s export as well as shared regulations and rules.

In the agenda also the last year’s balance sheets approval and the closing of the second year annual progress report of the Mediterranean Project. The General Assembly had also anticipated some topics about the final part of the project. In this occasion, the Secretary General Mr. Angelo Ferrante pointed out: “We have talks ongoing with the European Commission to define how Med-TSO could develop further its activities and continue the cooperation with the European Commission for supporting their initiatives in the Mediterranean region”. The European Commission attended the General Assembly and confirmed its interest in supporting Med-TSO, as Mr. Cyril Dewaleyne, DG NEAR Programme Manager, underlined, because it is in in line with the objectives of EU’s Neighbourhood policy on Energy and Climate Change.

It is possible to find the integrated declarations of President Moncef Harrabi, Secretary General Angelo Ferrante and Mr. Cyril Dewaleyne, EC – DG NEAR Program Manager and the message from the Tunisian Minister of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energies, Ms. Hela Cheikhrouhou read by Mr. Harrabi on the new Med-TSO YouTube Channel, accessible from the home page of this website.