Masterplan of Mediterranean Interconnections 2022

Yesterday Med-TSO concluded two days of webinars to present its “Masterplan of Mediterranean Interconnections 2022”, one of the key deliverables of Med-TSO’s project TEASIMED (Towards an Efficient, Adequate, Sustainable and Interconnected MEDiterranean power system), the third project co-funded by the European Commission to sustain the development of the Region, concluded last March 2023.

The scope of these webinars was the descriptions of the 19 interconnection projects studied in the Masterplan, presented by experts from each Mediterranean TSO promoter, belonging to 16 different countries: on 29 May, the first webinar was focused on the Western Mediterranean projects, while yesterday’s webinar was focused on the Eastern Mediterranean.

Each of these webinars have been introduced by Angelo Ferrante, Secretary General of Med-TSO. Then, Emmanuel Bué, Med-TSO TC Economic Studies & Scenarios Chairperson, made an introduction to the energy scenarios considered in the Masterplan, while Neveen Saleh Abohaswa and Mario Sisinni, respectively Med-TSO TC Planning Chairperson and Vice chairperson, gave an overview on the network studies performed.

All the projects in the Masterplan are assessed in terms of the 2030 time-horizon and considering two different long-term energy scenarios developed by Med-TSO in alignment with the scenarios set out by ENTSO-E, the Association of European TSOs within the framework of the 2022 Ten-Year Network Development Plan.

All the interconnection projects described in the Masterplan of Mediterranean Interconnections 2022 are also available on our digital platform