MEDITERRANEAN PROJECT 1 (2015 - 2018) - Task 2: Planning and development of the Euro-Mediterranean Electricity Reference Grid


Plan and develop the Euro-Mediterranean electricity reference grid, through studies and specific tools for the coordinated development of interconnections.

The activity will be performed in the Med-TSO Technical Committee 01 (TC01), “Planning” and Working Group ESS (WG ESS), “Economic Studies and Scenarios”, with the goal to defining the reference energy scenarios, the macroeconomic model and the cost evaluation and allocation of the potential new interconnection projects in the Med-TSO area.

The Action Plan 2015-2017 identifies four phases aiming at realizing tools and studies necessary for planning and development of the Euro-Mediterranean electricity reference grid:

1.definition of the reference energy scenarios at selected year horizons;

2.set up of a comprehensive model for evaluating the impact of the envisaged scenarios on the current electricity markets and on possible future ones, based on the integration of the Euro-Mediterranean power systems (this activity is undertaken also with the support of data, tools and methods developed by ENTSO-E);

3.composition of the different load curves (daily and seasonal) around the Mediterranean and within sub-regional groupings, and evaluation of the power flows on the interconnected grids, putting in evidence the potential economic benefits achievable through appropriate grid reinforcements;

4.assessment of the future potential interconnection capacities.

The market and network studies will be facilitated by the implementation of a “Mediterranean” database, including:

• Network data for the execution of load flow calculations (electrical parameters of lines, equipment, etc…);

• Market data, necessary for market studies (e.g. energy mix, structure of the demand, etc…);

• Adequacy information (i.e. historical and statistical data for adequacy studies and reporting purposes).