This map is a comprehensive illustration of the transmission system network operated by members of the Association of the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators, and it has been developed in cooperation with the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E).
The map represents some 400 000 km of high voltage lines in the Med-TSO region as per the end of year 2016, and it is the first of its genre to give a comprehensive picture of the status of the electric interconnections within the Mediterranean region, an area that groups three different synchronous zones:

  • ENTSO-E’s synchronous Continental Europe zone,
  • South Western Mediterranean Block, which is synchronous with the ENTSO-E’s synchronous Continental Europe zone;
  • South Eastern Mediterranean Block

The lines represented, constitute the relevant electricity grid, i.e. the portion of the grid that can affect the interconnections between the power systems.
In general, the map depicts all transmission lines designed for 220kV voltage and higher and generation stations with net generation capacity of more than 100MW. It is important to note that the map takes into account also the also the lines between 110 and 150kV given the peculiarities of the power systems of the members of Med-TSO. Moreover, the map includes five zooms in order to highlight the existing interconnections within the Mena region