TC Operation’s Internal workshop “Enhanced TSO coordination for interconnected power systems: Regional Coordination experience”

Speakers of TC Operation’s Internal workshop “Enhanced TSO coordination for interconnected power systems: Regional Coordination experience”

On 19 October, Med-TSO’s Technical Committee Operation hosted an online Internal Workshop on Enhanced TSO coordination for interconnected power systems. The session came in accordance with Med-TSO’s objective of fostering dialogue between the different transmission system operators in the Mediterranean area. Likewise, the sessions came through as successful given that the enhancement of coordination in this sector along the southern shore of the Mediterranean and between the two shores, is also one of the objectives of the TEASIMED project.                      

After the introductory words by Secretary General of Med-TSO, Angelo FerranteBakli Bordji (OS,Algeria – Med-TSO) started by presenting the outcomes of the survey “Enhance coordination in the operation of electric systems”.

This section was followed by the discussion on the Regional Coordination experiences with interventions from Jean-Francois Gahungu, CEO of CORESO, and Duško Tubic, Director of SCC, two of the Regional Security Centres currently operating in Europe.

The keynote speakers went over the establishment of CORESO on a voluntary basis, and presented the agreement between the Security Coordination Centre and TEIAS as an example of an effective cooperation to ensure more coordination and operational security to the Power Systems.

Along the Mediterranean region there are several regional initiatives. However, they all have common objectives and provide the same services with one standard/SW/system. In this sense, Vedran Angerbrandt (CORESO) and Jayaram Anandha (TSCNET Services), shared their expertise on how Short-Term Adequacy (STA) and Outage Planning Coordination (OPC) apply these factors.

During both sessions, the speakers and the attendees crowdsourced their knowledge through a dedicated slot for Questions and Answers, where relevant conclusions came from the different contributors. The event came to an end with the concluding words from Simone Biondi, TEASIMED Project Manager.

Taking advantage of other experiences developed in the EU area, i.e. establishment of Regional Coordination Centres developing key services, the Internal Workshop aimed at building a common ground between Med-TSO members for developing effective procedures and guidelines for improving the coordination in the operation of power systems.