Representatives of Palestinian Electricity Transmission Company and of Palestinian Energy & Natural Resources Authority met the Secretary General of Med-TSO in Ramallah

Mr. Zafer Melhem (left) and Mr. Ferrante (right) during the meeting

The Secretary General of Med-TSO, Angelo Ferrante, met representatives of Palestinian Electricity Transmission Company (PETL) and of Palestinian Energy & Natural Resources Authority (PENRA), at the end of his participation at Medreg’s training in Jerusalem last Thursday 16 May (read the news). Mr. Ferrante was received at PETL headquarter in Ramallah by the President of the Energy Authority, Mr. Zafer Melhem, by the General Manager of PETL, Mr. Nashat Abubakar and Mr. Bilal Hamad, Operation Manager of the Palestinian TSO. Among the topics discussed during the meeting, the situation of the electrical power sector in Palestine, with its possible developments and the obstacles it might face. In particular, the discussion focused on the importance to develop a transmission grid in Western Bank territories and the need to enhance the cooperation between the two sides. The visit of the Secretary General of Med-TSO in Palestine was also the occasion to foster the engagement and the cooperation of the Palestinian Transmission System Operator in the activities of Med-TSO, especially regarding the participation of Palestinian technical experts to the work carried out by the Technical Committees and Working Group of the association in the frame of the ongoing Mediterranean Project 2. Palestinian Electricity Transmission Company is the first national government company of Palestine overseeing the construction and the operation of the system and of the national transport of electric power, representing the only authority to purchase and transfer electricity to Palestinian market. The Company was founded on 1 October 2013, after the Palestinian Cabinet approved the registration of the National Transport Electricity Company as a general government decision.