Mr. Noureddine Boutarfa is the new Minister of Energy of Algeria

Noureddine Boutarfa

After leading for 12 years Sonelgaz, the company in charge of electricity and natural gas distribution in Algeria, the President of Med-TSO, Mr. Noureddine Boutarfa has been appointed as Minister of Energy in his country, taking office on June 12th.

Mr. Boutarfa joined Sonelgaz in 1974, rising through the ranks to become CEO in 2004. Over the years, he chaired several boards and committees.

In April 2012 he was elected first president of Med-TSO until yesterday, when he resigned after his appointment as Minister; in his message to the Members, he stated: “It was a real pleasure to have contributed with all of you to build up this space for dialog that should be preserved and developed further.
Also, I remain attentive to your concerns and I will always be a support to the project of our dear Med-TSO”.

Mr. Angelo Ferrante, Med-TSO Secretary General, said: “I am sure to interpreting the feeling of all the Members in expressing our warmest thanks to Minister Boutarfa, for what he has done for Med-TSO and for the enthusiasm and patience he brought into developing this Association”.

Med-TSO Vice-President Victor Baptista from REN (Portuguese TSO) is going to act as President until the next General Assembly.