Memorandum of Cooperation among COMELEC, MEDENER, Med-TSO, and OME

On 22 November 2022 in Algiers, COMELEC, MEDENER, Med-TSO, and OME signed a joint protocol on the occasion of the joint conference Electrical interconnections in the Mediterranean, factor of regional integration and catalyst of the energy transition organized and kindly hosted by Sonelgaz in Algiers.

This protocol, named the “Algiers Protocol“, aims to define the framework, conditions, and methods of cooperation among the parties, to be implemented by promoting studies, joint projects, initiatives, and events, exchanging information and experiences, and implementing common programs for capacity building and training.

Mr Mourad Adjal, President of Comelec and Med-TSO and Co-Chairman of OME, declared the signing of the “Algiers Protocol” sets a precedent in the history of joint relations between regional organizations active in the energy field. Cooperation is the cornerstone of the protocol to promote a regional approach open to all associations and bodies working in the field.

The four regional organizations came to this agreement considering their mutual interest in contributing to the promotion and economic development of the Mediterranean region, considering their broad experience in energy development and the common objective in fostering a just energy transition.

The protocol has been signed by the general secretaries and directors of the four organizations. Khaled Nouasri, Secretary General of Comelec, stated that this signature will strengthen the link between the countries of the north and the south of the Mediterranean in order to create a regional market for electricity that will allow the establishment of a win-win relationship. Roberta Boniotti, Secretary General of MEDENER, added that all the four stakeholders can be the key players to support the transition to a low carbon economy and starting from this first relevant new initiative of cooperation. Angelo Ferrante, Secretary General of Med-TSO, affirmed that this agreement will contribute to the process of integrating the power systems in the region and foster the creation of a regional energy market. Houda Ben Jannet Allal, General Director of OME, said that this agreement is an important step to improve the dialogue about the energy future in the Mediterranean and to accelerate a just and effective energy transition all countries and the region are looking for.