Med-TSO’s Technical Committee of “Regulations and Institutions” appoints incoming Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Med-TSO’s Technical Committee of “Regulations and Institutions” appoints incoming Chairman and Vice-Chairman

Last month, the General Assembly of Med-TSO’s Technical Committee of “Regulation and Institutions” elected Mr. Juan Manuel Rodríguez (REE) as Chairman and Mr. Bahaa El Din Hassan (EETC) as Vice-Chairman, a motion which was proposed by President Harrabi and approved by the assembly through an electronic vote.

Following the resignation of Mr. Juan Francisco Alonso as Chairman, both the REE and EETC cooperated in providing these new candidates, ensuring that they have the proper backgrounds to take over these prestigious roles. With the final phase of the Mediterranean Project 2 swiftly approaching, the decision to bring members of both REE and EETC to leadership is expected to facilitate the implementation of the project. Furthermore, a unanimous vote of the General Assembly illuminated the support for this strategy and sealed their nominations.

As the leaders of the “Regulation and Institutions” committee, Mr. Rodríguez and Mr. Bahaa El Din will be presented with the unique challenge of unifying the 19 countries under the umbrella of Med-TSO in regulating their power systems. Both have already come to the table with clear strategies for establishing themselves in their roles, all with the overarching goal of creating a harmonized power system across the Mediterranean region.

Chairman Mr. Rodríguez sees one of his primary challenges as coming into the position following Mr. Alonso and picking up without delay or sacrifice of any progress. For that reason, he has a plan of action to help maintain order during the transition.
He stated, “I try to apply a very simple rules in my life: Easy, Clear and Chort. Of course, those “ECS” principles need a precondition: the topic or topics have to be of common interest. If there is no interest for the participants, we’ll lose time. Therefore, for me it is very important to identify the topics of common interest of our Members and then to motivate our teams in order to propose ECS solutions.”

Both Mr. Rodríguez and Mr. Bahaa El Din are wasting no time in assuming their roles, with meetings already scheduled for organizing the most urgent obligations inside the Mediterranean Project 2 with the European Commission.
In regard to his role Vice-Chairman, Mr. Bahaa El Din clearly stated his intentions: “My strategy is to develop regulations that satisfy all TSOs, while considering the use of available renewable energy and power exchange between the largest number of interconnected systems and through the power market in Med-TSO. All for the aim of sustained development in all Med-TSO countries.”

As they stepped into their new roles, the recently appointed attended the Operational Activities Coordination Committee (OACC) Meeting, held in Rome on January 23.