Med-TSO welcomes the election of Chaher Boulakhras as President of COMELEC

Mr. Chaher Boulakhras

Med-TSO welcomes the election of Chaher Boulakhras as President of COMELEC (Maghreb Electricity Commission) for the next three years. Mr. Boulakhras, already President of Med-TSO and PDG of Sonelgaz, Algeria, has been elected during yesterday’s Commission Board’s meeting, with the participation of members from electricity companies of Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritania and Algeria.

During the meeting, Mr. Boulakhras expressed constructive suggestions and observations aiming at translating Algeria’s objective in strengthening cooperation and strengthening electricity exchanges in the Maghreb market. He stressed on the need to form regional economic blocs, explaining that the energy sector gives a great opportunity to achieve sectoral integration, which would be an essential axis of integration of the entire Maghreb economy.

The importance of strengthening cooperation and electricity exchanges in the region is also an objective of Med-TSO, which selected the region for a Pilot Project aiming at the application in the region of the Mediterranean Grid Code developed during the Mediterranean Project 2.