Med-TSO: Towards a sustainable cooperation in the Mediterranean basin

Med-TSO: Towards a sustainable cooperation in the Mediterranean basin

Med-TSO (the Association of Mediterranean Transmission System Operators) organized a Workshop about enhancing Transmission System Operators’ (TSO) cooperation during its 11th General Assembly, which took place on April 21st in Istanbul, hosted by TEIAS, the Turkish Transmission System Operator. The meeting focused on Med-TSO’s activities in the framework of the Mediterranean Project and the role of the various Mediterranean TSOs to enhance cooperation and power system integration.

The Mediterranean Project, supported by the EU, is setting up a roadmap to share resources, costs and risks of investments in energy infrastructures in the Mediterranean Region. Furthermore, the Mediterranean Project aims at establishing a permanent exchange of knowledge among the countries along both shores of the Mediterranean, promoting the development and implementation of a harmonized and integrated Mediterranean electricity grid.

ENTSO-E, UfM, MedReg and the representative of the European Commission participated to the works. All the participants highlighted their views in terms of grid development and power system strengthening in the entire Euro-Mediterranean region. Furthermore, the debate confirmed the importance to proceed toward a continuous cooperation and coordination between TSOs, Regulators and the other involved stakeholders. In Med-TSO’s vision, the enhanced cooperation among the various stakeholders will lead to the creation of an integrated energy market. In this perspective, Med-TSO is playing a leading and essential role in creating a common database to share data, studies and information, aimed at facilitating the realization of an integrated regional system and market.

EU’s support to Med-TSO’s initiatives aims at maintaining a constructive cooperation and permanent engagement of both Mediterranean shores, in order to contribute to the development of a special relationship between the EU Member States and their neighboring Mediterranean countries. The effective integration of the transmission networks across the EU and the Mediterranean opens up greater perspectives in terms of experience exchange, security of supply and sustainable growth.

Med-TSO’s President, Mr. Noureddine Boutarfa stated: “The support of the European Union to Med-TSO reflects the importance of our vision and confirms Med-TSO’s role as a reliable institutional and professional long-term partner. We work closely with our members to find technical solutions that will enable us to strengthen peace and security in the Mediterranean region, focusing on how to integrate and share risks and rules. “

The workshop was followed by the 11th General Assembly of the Association, in the presence of representatives from 14 Med-TSO member countries.

Med-TSO’s Members approved the 2015 balance sheet and income statements, as well as the 2016 budget. The statement related to the activities of the Association was presented by the Secretary General Mr. Angelo Ferrante.