Med-TSO starts its newest project: TEASIMED – Towards an Efficient, Adequate, Sustainable and Interconnected MEDiterranean power system

TEASIMED – Towards an Efficient, Adequate, Sustainable, and Interconnected, MEDiterranean power system

Over the next two years, Med-TSO has committed itself to its new project, TEASIMED, which carries forward the work of the Association with the continued support from the European Commission.

As its third project with the backing of the EC as well as recognition of its efforts from regional stakeholders, Med-TSO has become known as the voice of the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators. This is due in part to the Association’s work carried out in their recent Mediterranean Projects 1 and 2 (MP1 & MP2), which reinforced its position as a sort of ‘regional extension’ of the European Transmission System Operators.

MP1 and MP2 have made way for the development of TEASIMED as the building blocks for Med-TSO’s roadmap for achieving the progressive integration of its members’ power systems at a Mediterranean level. Following the previous two landmark initiatives, which established a master plan of interconnection with an extensive knowledge exchange program, the new project will consolidate a number of the activities from them, while launching new ones.

The project is structured in 6 working streams:

1. Updating the Mediterranean Masterplan (MMP);
2. Consolidating the common technical regulatory framework;
3. Identifying and putting into operation some of the selected Interconnected Electricity Exchange Zones (IEEZ), with a view of increasing electricity exchanges in the region;
4. Optimizing planning capacities and operation procedures;
5. Establishing the Med-TSO Knowledge Sharing System;
6. Providing efficient support to the UfM Regional Electricity Market Platform, in close collaboration with the Association of the Mediterranean Regulators for Energy, MEDREG.

With TEASIMED, Med-TSO intends to focus more of its activities on the practical implementation of the guidelines, rules, and methodologies defined in the first two projects by developing pilot projects in selected areas of the Mediterranean region and strengthening the cooperation in Operation.

More specifically, this new initiative includes the launch of a pilot project for implementing and harmonising Technical and Operational Rules in the Maghreb countries. It also envisages a stronger coordination of the national Network Development Plans with the definition of coordinated procedures in the Operation area for a better utilisation of the existing interconnection capacity and promoting the development of new key interconnection projects.

Counting on the continuous motivation and commitment demonstrated by its members up until now with MP1 and MP2, Med-TSO also believes that TEASIMED, along with the next two and a half years, will be a further move towards the integration of the Mediterranean power system.