Med-TSO releases the ‘Guidelines and Methodology for Periodic Adequacy Report’ following the goals set forth by Mediterranean Project 2

Emmanuel Bué (RTE-France), Convener of the “Economic Studies and Scenarios” Working Group

Aligning with the goals defined in the Mediterranean Project 2 (MP2), Med-TSO released its first deliverables that will work to outline the possible guidelines and frameworks for the Mediterranean Power System adequacy studies (winter and summer periods).

The document defined as ‘Guidelines and Methodology for Periodic Adequacy report’ includes the information required to determine the ability for electricity generation facilities to meet the load demand under requested security margin, in a predefined time period. In this deliverable, basic guidelines are presented, followed by the main methodology principles used to produce the seasonal outlook of the Mediterranean countries that are members of Med-TSO. Within this task, the activity called “Risk preparedness: Winter Outlook or/and Summer Outlook” consisted of proposing a methodology for analyzing potential risks to system adequacy for each country of the whole Med-TSO area. System adequacy is the possibility for a power system to meet demand and appropriate reserve margin at all times thus guaranteeing the full security of supply. To this aim, the working group confirmed the relevance to consider the impact on system adequacy based on climate conditions, planned outages, evolution of demand, demand management and variability of the renewable generation. All of these analyses shall be firstly performed at country level, then at a regional level, examining how neighboring countries can contribute to the power balance of a power system under stress. Finally, additional probabilistic analyses could be performed for countries where a system adequacy risk is identified. The “Economic Studies and Scenarios” Working Group in charge of this guidelines report has the objective of sharing a common vision of the future of the electric market in the Mediterranean area, of building market evolution scenarios and of assessing the benefit of Med-TSO interconnection projects, as explained by its convener, Emmanuel Bue (RTE, France) in this video interview.