Med-TSO reaches 21: HOPS is the new entry

President of Med-TSO, Moncef Harrabi (right) welcoming the CEO of HOPS, Miroslav Mesic (left)

The Croatian TSO formalized its membership during the General Assembly in Brussels.

The Croatian TSO “HOPS” officially became the 21st member of the Association as the General Assembly, held on 10 April 2018 in Brussels, deliberated on its admission (in the picture, President Harrabi welcoming HOPS CEO Mr. Miroslav Mesic).

With Croatia, the countries interested by the action of Med-TSO are now 19, covering an area of 8.6 million km2 ca, serving more than 500 million of consumers and operating more than 400.000 km of transmission lines.

“Let me express my complete satisfaction about the Closing Conference of the Mediterranean Project – said Moncef Harrabi, President of Med-TSO, opening the assembly – from which emerged the recommendations aimed at encouraging energy cooperation among the Mediterranean countries”.

The Conference in Brussels, as the President highlighted, “encourages the second step of Mediterranean Project. We will multiply our efforts to realize this new and promising project, tracing the future of our association aiming at the reinforcement of the cooperation among the members”.

The Assembly renewed Angelo Ferrante (TERNA, Italy) as Secretary General and appointed as Vice-presidents: Abdelfattah Al Daradkah (NEPCO, Jordan); Carlo Crea (TERNA, Italia); Ramon Granadino (REE, Spain); Mustafa Izgeç (TEIAS, Turkey); Abdellah Kabiri (ONEE, Morocco); Hervé Laffaye (RTE, France); Abdelhamid Rais (GRTE, Algeria). All these positions were renewed for the next three years.

The President addressed a personal message of thanksgiving to the former Vice-President and Chairperson of the Operational Activities Coordination Committee (OACC), Mr. Victor Baptista (REN, Portugal).

An assembly full of nominations: Mr. Laffaye as new chairperson of the OACC and Mr. Crea as Chairperson of the Strategic Organizational Committee.

Furthermore, during the assembly, the Senior Communication Manager Agnese Cecchini awarded the winner of the first Med-TSO photo contest, Ms. Niki Manthati from ADMIE, Greece. Her picture, “The view of energy”, is the cover page of the final publication of the Mediterranean Project.