Med-TSO presents the Mediterranean Master plan 2020

Webinars Mediterranean Masterplan 2020

On 19 and 20 January 2021, Med-TSO held two webinars to present one of the main results of Med-TSO’s Mediterranean Project 2, the Mediterranean Master Plan 2020. This Masterplan shows the effort of the 21 Mediterranean Transmission System Operators for electricity member of the Association to provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis of 15 interconnection projects, gathering their views on the development of the grid up to 2030, in terms of infrastructure planning and optimization, market scenarios, grid development and market integration. Indeed, all these activities are key for building integrated and efficient electricity infrastructures, through the shared and optimal use of interconnections. The webinars had a common introductive part about the freshly concluded Mediterranean Project 2, then following two different paths. On 19 January, for the Western Mediterranean region, experts from the TSOs member and from the Secretariat presented the Electricity Scenarios at 2030 and the relevant Interconnection Projects explored at the same time horizon, such as: MoroccoPortugal and Morocco–SpainAlgeriaTunisiaLibya, Algeria-Spain and Algeria–ItalyTunisia–Italy. The following day, the same aspects have been deepened for the Eastern Mediterranean region projects: TurkeyEgypt, Turkey–Israel and Syria–Turkey;  Egypt–Jordan;  Jordan–Syria and  Jordan–PalestineGreece-Turkey–Bulgaria; Israel–Cyprus–Greece and Egypt–Cyprus–Greece. All these projects are included in the Masterplan, although with different degrees of maturity, all aiming at reinforcing the interconnection level in  the Mediterranean area. Increased interconnections and reinforced cooperation among the Transmission System Operators, as promoted by Med-TSO, are key for achieving the energy transition in region.. The webinars gave also the opportunity to present the digital version of the Mediterranean Masterplan of the interconnections. This useful tool makes it possible to have a picture of the potential development of interconnections in the Mediterranean region, as proposed by Med-TSO, having a comprehensive view of the fifteen interconnection clusters. Thanks to this digital report, all the data elaborated directly by Med-TSO using supply and demand data collected by the TSOs, and the relevant scenarios are fully navigable in an interactive way. The realization of this Masterplan and its digital version are a significant step toward Med-TSO’s objective to be a reference body for every technical, market and policy issue related to the Mediterranean electricity system, also proving the feasibility of regional multilateral cooperation.