Med-TSO hlaunches the first Mediterranean Power Statistics web platform

Med-TSO launches the first Mediterranean Power Statistics web platform

Med-TSO is glad to announce the launch of the first Mediterranean Power Statistics web platform.

For the first time, all essential data about the performances of the Mediterranean power systems and the interconnections among the 19 countries members of the Association are gathered and available on a public website.

The realization of such a platform faced many challenges, starting, as an example, with the realization of a unique format to collect data from all the TSOs. The first data collection, held in 2020, consisted of 2019 year-end data that will be updated on an annual basis.

The scope of this platform is to enable the various operators in the electricity sector, as well as all the stakeholders, to have quickly access to information never made available before in the Mediterranean energy scene in a single repository.

Entering the platform takes to an interactive map of the Mediterranean countries members of Med-TSO, with graphic representation of the interconnections, through which is possible to visualize the physical energy flows in GWh exchanged by each country and for each interconnection. Moreover, by clicking on the map, it is possible to access tables gathering all data from TSOs, such as net generating capacity, net annual generation, demand, length of the lines, transformers’ capacity and some key performance indicators.

Furthermore, the platform gives the opportunity to consult historical data since 2015 through interactive graphics showing the situation each year, for each countries, also offering the possibility to select and switch from an energy source to another.

This very complex deliverable has been developed in the frame of the work of the Technical Committee International Electricity Exchange, chaired by Aziz Ameyoud (PDG of OS- Sonelgaz, Algeria) for Med-TSO’s Mediterranean Project 2, in collaboration with the Secretariat staff and web developer consultants, involving up to 38 people for about 1000 hours of work.

This important feature represents a concrete and important step towards Med-TSO vision to become a professional and strategic reference body for every technical, market and policy issue related to the Mediterranean electricity system.