Ninth General Assembly of Med –TSO in Casablanca

Representatives of the TSOs member of Med-TSO

The ninth General Assembly of Med -TSO took place on Thursday, December 17th, 2015 in Casablanca, Morocco. Representatives from 12 countries members of Med-TSO took part in the meeting that was hosted by the Moroccan electric company, ONEE.

The Med-TSO Executive Board meeting was held in advance to the General Assembly on December, 16th 2015 at the same venue.

Mr. Kabiri welcomed the participants on behalf of ONEE.

The President of Med-TSO, Mr Noureddine Boutarfa made his opening address which was followed by the intervention of the new Secretary General of the Association, Mr. Angelo Ferrante.
An important aspect underlined during the Assembly was the contribution of Med-TSO to the Regional Electricity Market (REM) platform of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and, particularly, the cooperation between Med-TSO and the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators, MEDREG. The two associations have already jointly set a roadmap, developed in four consecutive steps, to promote the progressive integration of power systems and markets in the Euro Mediterranean region. The General Assembly of Med-TSO proposed the constitution of a task force Med-TSO – MEDREG, to further enhance the collaboration among these two associations with the European Commission and with the UpM, in the framework of the REM platform.

Since the beginning of 2015 Med-TSO is developing the “Mediterranean Project”, financed by the European Commission. The Mediterranean Project is aimed at supporting infrastructural projects through the setting up of common standards and rules to facilitate the integration of the Mediterranean Power Systems.

Lastly, the Assembly also approved the Association´s budget 2016 and the financial plan 2016-2018, as well as the 2016 calendar of activities.

Following the resignation of the Moroccan representative Mr. Abdellatif Bardach, the Assembly elected Mr Blanas (ADMIE) as new Vice-President of Med-TSO. He will perform his functions alongside the other five Vice-presidents: Ibrahim Balanuye (TEIAS) Victor Baptista (REN), Carlo Crea (TERNA), Abdel-Fattah Ali-Fayyad El Daradkeh (NEPCO) and Hervé Laffaye (RTE).

The next General Assembly will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, on April 21st, 2016.