Med-TSO at the 47th CIGRE session in Paris

Andrés Sainz, Technical Secretary of TC “Regulation and Institutions” presenting the paper in Paris last 28 August

Established in 1921 in Paris, the CIGRE, the International Council of Large Electric Networks (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Electriques) organizes every two years one of the most important events dealing with power systems, known as the “Paris Session”, taking place this year from 26 to 31 August.
The CIGRE works as a global community committed to the collaborative development and sharing of power system expertise. The community features thousands of professionals from over 90 countries and 1250 member organizations, including some of the world’s leading experts.

Med-TSO participates to the 2018 Paris Session with two papers: “Towards a Common Target Regulatory Framework. Harmonizing Technical Rules for the Mediterranean Power Systems from a TSO perspective” and “The Mediterranean Master Plan Consolidating a Secure and Sustainable Electricity Infrastructure in the Mediterranean Region”, both realized after Med-TSO’s Mediterranean Project, a three-year lasting project supported by the European Union.

The first paper, presented last Tuesday 28 August on behalf of Med-TSO’s Technical Committee “Regulation and Institutions”, shows the work performed during the Project, in which a proposal of Common Target Regulatory Framework for the Mediterranean region has been developed, including a tentative roadmap for implementation in three time horizons: short, medium and long. In total, 66 technical issues have been selected to be harmonized, elaborating a first set of models of rules, in particular a Connection Contract between TSO and user, an Operation Agreement between TSOs and the chapters from Connection and Operation for the future Mediterranean Grid Code.

The second paper, presented today, 30 August, deals with the Mediterranean Master Plan, delivered by Med-TSO as a result of an intensive cooperation among the Members. It describes the activity and the main outcomes of about three years of activity carried out by Med-TSO’s Technical Committee “Planning” and Working Group “Economic Studies and Scenarios”. The paper stresses the complexity of the planning process that involved Med-TSO Members. For the first time, most of the Mediterranean TSOs have engaged themselves in performing a series of harmonized studies including market simulations and network analysis. The Mediterranean Master Plan depicts 14 clusters of cross border interconnections, totaling more than 18 000 MW of new transfer capacity across the Mediterranean Sea at time horizon 2030.