General Assembly in Tunis

first row, from left to right: Juan Francisco Alonso (REE), George Ashikalis (Cyprus TSO), Mihai Paun (Med-TSO), Mehmet Kara (TEIAS), Aziz Ameyoud (OS), Carlo Sabelli (TERNA), Emmanuel Bué (RTE), Wided Maalel (STEG), Maher Krichen (STEG), Hervé Laffaye (RTE), Wiem Laabidi (STEG) ; second row, from left to right: Stamatina Efstathiou (ADMIE), Gherardo Vichi (Med-TSO), Luca Ruffino (Med-TSO), Abdelhamid Rais (GRTE), Krešimir Bakic (ELES), Lakhdar Chouireb (SONELGAZ), Abdulbaset Farrara (GECOL), Ramon Granadino (REE), Carlo Crea (TERNA), Ahmed Alkoshli (GECOL); seated, from left to right: Mohamed Arkab (SONELGAZ), Angelo Ferrante (Med-TSO), Moncef Harrabi (STEG), Victor Baptista (REN);

On 30 November Med-TSO has held the second General Assembly for 2017. The first topic was the election of a new Vice-President of the Association, , and the substitution of the Chairman of the Technical Committee “International Electricity Exchanges”.
The General Assembly elected Mr. Mustafa Izgec from TEIAS as new Vice President, in replacement of Mr. Hakki Ozata, who left his position in TEIAS for a new role in the Turkish Regulator. Mr. Izgec joins the other six member of the Executive Board of the Association, the President Mr. Harrabi (STEG), and the six Vice-presidents, Mr. Daradkah (NEPCO), Mr. Baptista (REN), Mr. Crea (TERNA), Mr. Granadino (REE) and Mr. Laffaye (RTE).

The General Assembly also elected Mr. Azziz Ameyoud, CEO of OS, as new Chairperson of the Technical Committee “International Electricity Exchanges”, in replacement of Mr. Rabah Touileb, who retired from Sonelgaz on 1 November 2017, and Ms. Rime Bouaroudj as member of the Strategic Orientation Committee, also replacing Mr. Touileb.

The Assembly was also focused on the future activities that will be carried out in 2018, above all the Final Event of the Mediterranean Project, a half-day conference that will be held at the European Parliament in Brussel next 10 April 2018.

The Mediterranean Project is now approaching its completion, with the delivery of the expected final results To this aim, the Technical Committees and Working Groups of Med-TSO have meet 32 times this year until now, and two very successful workshops have been organized: the first, “A Common Target Regulatory Framework for the Mediterranean TSOs – Harmonization of Technical Rules”, held in Madrid in March, and the second, “Renewable Energy Development and Integration in the Mediterranean Region”, held in Algiers in October.

Among the future challenges of Med-TSO there is also the enlargement of the perimeter of the Association: several initiatives will be undertaken in the Balkans and in Middle East.