Antonio Moretti is the Project Coordinator of Med-TSO’s Mediterranean Project 2

Antonio Moretti is the Project Coordinator of Med-TSO’s Mediterranean Project 2

After a selection among many candidates, Antonio Moretti was chosen as Project Coordinator for the implementation of Med-TSO’s “Mediterranean Project 2”.
Moretti is an Italian engineer with more than 40 years of experience in the energy sector, especially in managing international projects in Europe, Africa and Asia.
We interviewed him, asking his point of view (feelings, first ideas …) about the project and his role in the Association.

Q: You have a huge experience in managing projects, especially in the Mediterranean region: how do you consider the objectives of the Mediterranean Project 2?

A: The Security and Socio – economic Development in the Mediterranean region are strongly dependent on the development of a more integrated Mediterranean Power System. I consider the current phase of Med-TSO initiatives – the implementation of the Mediterranean Project 2 – a very important piece of this strategy.

Q: What do you think is the most important result achieved by Med-TSO so far?

A: Beyond the technical results, already reported and certainly valuable, I think that the most important thing is that people in this sector have developed the habit of talking together and sharing a vision and a goal. This is key for building a mutual trust that I believe is the basis of any common project success.

Q: How do you see the activities of Med-TSO in the frame of EU energy policies in the Mediterranean Region?

A: Med TSO activity introduces in the EU practices a quite new approach that synthetically we can call as bottom-up approach. This can give a higher voice to the Mediterranean southern shore Countries, making them more active and leading actors of the process.

Q: Do you want to say few words to the members and the people involved in Med-TSO activities?

A: I am happy to have been welcomed into a very valuable team. I make available my experience and I hope we will have a fruitful way together, never forgetting that we are committed to a project “porteur d’avenir” for all the people of the Mediterranean: it is an opportunity not to be wasted. Good luck to all of us.