A workshop organized by Medreg & Med-TSO with the support of EU & UfM

“Enabling electricity exchanges and trading in the Mediterranean” 

Achieving a common technical & regulatory framework to increase electricity exchanges and trading between the two Mediterranean shores

9 February 2022 from 9.30 to 12.45 CET

Objectives of the workshop 

Integrating and exchanging large quantities of renewable energy sources at a regional level, while ensuring security of supply at affordable costs, requires harmonized technical & regulatory frameworks, as this is the sine qua non for exchanging electricity.

Issues start when discussing the following questions: 1) How to get there? 2) Is a legally binding framework required for attracting investments in power generation and grids, if yes at which stage of development of the interconnected grid?

This workshop aims to lay the ground to achieve a framework that enables electricity exchanges and trading between the two Mediterranean shores. It will deal with the required framework for attracting power generation and grids investments. It will also discuss the stage of development of the interconnected grid needed to obtain them.

The workshop will be structured in two parts. The first part is aimed at exchanging experiences and best practices on power systems integration from the neighbouring regions.

The second part of the workshop intends to bring together all the relevant Stakeholders to discuss the necessary actions that are currently missing and the steps to activate the right process.

Finally, Med-TSO will present and launch a survey which aims to collect Stakeholders’ views on existing barriers and concrete actions to be implemented.

Meet the organizers: 

Med-TSO has been working for several years on the set up of a harmonized technical framework in the Mediterranean, to be considered as a kind of necessary software for enabling the efficient and secure use of the interconnected grids. At a national level, grid codes are the technical and commercial requirements issued by the local authorities for grid users (production and consumption units as well as distribution companies with all their users) to connect them to the HV transmission network and operate the system according to the relevant standards.

On the other hand, MEDREG has been working in the last years to assess the national priorities in Mediterranean countries and their potential for being a part of the integrated sub-regional and regional electricity markets. In this context, regional cooperation appears to be a privileged option for mutual strengthening of national systems. Cross-border integration offers opportunities for building upon complementarities of systems and providing broader outlets to RES generation. However, challenges are important, and transmission system operators and regulators have a crucial role to play.