A comprehensive glimpse into Med-TSO’s latest project, TEASIMED, with Secretary-General Angelo Ferrante

Angelo Ferrante, Secretary General of Med-TSO

With the announcement of the start of the new project “TEASIMED” – Towards the Efficient, Adequate, Sustainable, and Interconnected MEDiterrean power system, Med-TSO asked Secretary-General Angelo Ferrante to give a closer look into the expectations of this latest initiative. Speaking about climate change, knowledge-sharing, and the admirable efforts of the members of the Association despite challenging circumstances, the conversation provided a number of powerful insights into the future of the Association.

Following the success of the first two Mediterranean Projects, which, according to Ferrante, established guidelines, rules, and methodologies for the integration of power systems in the Mediterranean, the TEASIMED project is expected to initiate the implementation of pilot projects and cooperation in the Operation area across the region.

But further than the anticipated activities of the project, the Secretary-General had much to share on the impact of Med-TSO initiatives that will have a lasting influence on the interconnection of the Mediterranean region, particularly in terms of sustainability.

According to him, “The development of interconnections and the progressive integration of national electricity transmission grids is a sine qua non condition for energy transition in the Mediterranean. This objective is pursued in TEASIMED, considering climate and decarbonisation targets defined by our Members, with a view to the EU Green Deal and its implications with third-party countries- as defined in the EU neighbourhood policies.”

In line with this climate consciousness, he also named both RES integration and climate change mitigation as key elements to measure the effectiveness of their actions through this project, inherently making them priorities in the development of Renewable Energy Sources into Mediterranean grids.

Another important measure of the success of the project that Ferrante presented during the conversation is Med-TSO’s focus on knowledge-sharing initiatives.

He stated, “Knowledge-Sharing activities have the two-fold objective of consolidating the existing link between the Mediterranean TSOs, the Association, and the other stakeholders around the region, combining knowledge, work and visibility.

In order to achieve their expected results, he disclosed that, “The TEASIMED action plan includes the development of a digital web-platform to help build Knowledge-Sharing and Capacity programmes with the launch of common training sessions and workshops with the regional stakeholders.”

But it’s not just the TSOs’ ability to exchange information that ignites passion for the project. Ferrante also shared that the future of the project rests in the capable hands of the members of Med-TSO who, despite working through a pandemic, have continued to dedicate their time and hard work to the future of the interconnection of the Mediterranean region.

A voluntary Association such as Med-TSO is based 100% on the willingness of the Members to put it in place. Therefore, no result is possible without the strong commitment of the Members. In these years, our companies have shown a tremendous interest in cooperating together, and the excellent results are evident,” he stated. “Even during the unpredictable and dramatic events of these last months, Med-TSO has shown the capability to entirely fulfil its duties, and this is thanks to the continuous spirit of dedication from the experts and the Secretariat staff.

The heart of the Med-TSO projects has proven to be the hardworking members of the Association to build a more efficient, adequate, sustainable, and interconnected Mediterranean power system – just as the name of the project implies.

Ferrante concluded, “The value and motivation shown by Med-TSO members so far are, no doubt about it, the viaticum for the achievement of our success in the years to come.