22nd General Assembly of Med-TSO

22nd General Assembly of Med-TSO

The 22nd General Assembly of Med-TSO has been held via videoconference on 20 April 2021, having as main topics the election of two out of the eight Vice-Presidents and the nomination of the Secretary General for the next three years.

Mr. Abdellah Kabiri (ONEE, Morocco) and Mr. Hervé Laffaye (RTE, France), whose mandate had just expired, have renewed their candidature for the next three years and they have been unanimously elected as Vice-president.

The General Assembly have also unanimously confirmed Angelo Ferrante (TERNA, Italy) as Secretary General of the Association until 2024, congratulating for the successful work carried out since 2015.

The meeting was also the occasion to reaffirm the importance for the Association of strengthening the cooperation with Comelec, especially for the implementation of the pilot project foreseen by the ongoing project “Teasimed”, and with Entso-e, with whom Med-TSO shares the ambitious objectives of the European Green Deal, that consider priority the sustainable development of the Mediterranean region as neighboring area.

Among other administrative and financial issues, the members of the General Assembly also appointed Mr. Mohamed Lakhdar Habib (SONELGAZ, Algeria) as Vice-Chairperson of the Technical Committee Economic Studies and Scenarios and thanked Mr. Kresimir Bakic (ELES, Slovenia) for the cooperation in the activities of the Association, as he announced his forthcoming retirement.

Lastly, during the meeting, the President took a moment to commemorate on behalf of all the members of Med-TSO, the memory of Mr. Brahim Oumounah, recently passed away, who has served with commitment both ONEE and our Association.