Vers la COP26 : Les gestionnaires de réseaux de transport d’électricité s’engagent à relever les défis du changement climatique pour le système énergétique

On 20 October, global electricity transmission system and grid operators joined to discuss the role of electricity in delivering climate neutrality to our energy system in the high-level online conference “Towards COP26: Electricity transmission grid operators committed to address climate change challenges for the energy system”.

The event has been organised by GO15, ENTSO-E, and Med-TSO, which represent global, European, and Mediterranean grid operators and National Grid ESO which debated the solutions required for decarbonisation and underline their commitment to cross-border cooperation in achieving climate neutrality.

The Associations released a joint declaration, which again commits these partners to close cooperation, knowledge sharing and exchange of best practices as they address this shared challenge.

This event featured keynote speeches by the leaders of these associations, and a further panel debate with international and EU energy policymakers and TSO leaders from Europe, the United States, Northern Africa and the Middle East on how electricity networks are set to become the backbone of greener, more competitive and resilient societies.