Med-TSO final rush towards the Mediterranean Project

Med-TSO final rush towards the Mediterranean Project

In view of the closing conference on the 10th of April in Brussels, the Association’s initiatives follow each other with the launch of the network map and the next workshop in the Campus of Terna.

The date of April 10 is approaching in which, during the conference “Towards a future Secure and Sustainable Electricity Infrastructure in the Mediterranean Region”, will be presented in Brussels, at the headquarters of the European Parliament, the results of the Mediterranean Project at the end of the foreseen three years (it is possible register here). A challenge that has seen building, thanks to the work of Med-TSO, a system of dialogue and comparison between the 20 associated TSOs, able to face the commitment to make the networks interoperable in the countries bordering the Mediterranean.

Among the different goals, the first edition of the map of networks of countries associated to Med-TSO has been published in these days. The initiative has been carried out jointly with ENTSO-E. In the map, therefore, it is possible to identify the networks of the associated TSOs and the networks of ENTSO-E, highlighting with a mix of colors the Countries belonging to both realities, and underlining how much the two associations also share the goal of interoperability between systems. The map can be viewed and downloaded freely from the website of Med-TSO. “This initiative” explains the Secretary General of Med-TSO Angelo Ferrante, “represents in concrete the spirit of the association, which wants to propose itself and act as a bridge between Europe, North Africa and Middle East”.

These last days that precede the final conference of the Mediterranean Project, also reserve other initiatives on behalf of the association of Mediterranean TSOs. In the next few days, Terna will be the theater of a workshop to deepen the theme: Planning and Development of the Euro Mediterranean Electricity Reference Grid.

The occasion is part of the dissemination activities of the task force dedicated to sharing skills, foreseen by the Mediterranean Project. A laboratory of experiences that will see the Association increasingly active, a megaphone for highly specialized skills among its members. A project closure rich in initiatives, which sees collecting the fruits of three intense years of work.