Based on the results of Mediterranean Project 1 & Mediterranean Project 2, the European Commission has granted to Med-TSO the support for a new project to be carried out in the period 2020-2022: TEASIMED – Towards an Efficient, Adequate, Sustainable and Interconnected MEDiterranean power system.

In this page are collected all the reports elaborated from the deliverables of the project, started on 1 September 2020 and concluded on March 2023.

The reports are divided per each of the five working streams composing the project.

The “Mediterranean Project 2” is a project carried out by Med-TSO from 2018 to 2020, co-funded by the European Union. Starting from the results achieved during the first “Mediterranean Project”, this second project was structured along six streams of activity, coming from the need for strengthening cooperation in both system operation and system development: Planning of Infrastructures, Regulation & Power System Rules, Scenarios Adequacy and Market Studies, Grid Development & Market Integration, Operation, Knowledge Sharing.

The work of our Technical Committees on these six pillars brought to the realization of the following deliverables.

From February 2015 to January 2018, Med-TSO carried out the “Mediterranean Project”, co-funded by the European Union and based on multilateral cooperation as a strategical approach to regional development for facilitating the integration of the Mediterranean Power Systems. The results achieved in the frame of this project set the base for the Mediterranean Project 2.

The Mediterranean Project aimed at the progressive harmonization and strengthening of the electricity markets in the Mediterranean region, following a bottom-up approach and direct involvement of Med-TSO Members, through five activity lines: Rules, Infrastructure, International Electricity Exchanges, Knowledge Sharing, Med-TSO Database.

The work of our Technical Committees on these activity lines brought to the realization of the following deliverables.

Annual Reports